Author Topic: NexDome for sale  (Read 962 times)

Joseph De Koninck

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NexDome for sale
« on: March 03, 2020, 10:26:38 PM »
Selling a NexDome with one bay. Bought from Canada and delivered to Sarasota in 2017 and used for two winters 2018 and 2019. Very good condition. Has housed a Meade 10 LX200 GPS currently being refurbished at Meade. Most likely will also be on sale. It fitted perfectly in the dome particularly in AZ mode. Located at my nephew with two kids, all three in the 6 5 range and find it crowded with more than two persons at a time. Looking for an upgrade. Best is to come and visit and if purchased can be disassembled (easy) to fit in a small van or an SUV. Currently mounted on a dedicated high deck with a separated cement pier that can be visualized as example of setup. Price has not changed and new sells (with one bay) for $3100 plus a bit more than $600 for shipping to Sarasota (Tax?). (
Asking for $2700 to be picked up. Call Joseph De Koninck at 941-245-1255 or email me at See pictures...