Author Topic: *RARE* Kern Aarau Binoculars for Sale  (Read 1303 times)

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*RARE* Kern Aarau Binoculars for Sale
« on: December 02, 2019, 02:45:38 PM »
Kern Aarau Focalpin 10 Binoculars for Sale  -  $250

I have not seen these in person, but I've come to discover that the Swiss-made Kern Aarau binoculars are pretty highly sought-after and quite valuable.
Posting these as a courtesy for the seller... if you have any questions about the them, please direct them to her (e-mail and phone number below).
  - Jonathan

I would like to sell these to an appreciative buyer. 
From what I have researched, these do not come along very often as they were made in the 50s-70s in Switzerland. 
They have been in my family, kept in the case mostly and not used often. 

Everything is original except the leather strap on the case which was quite worn so I replaced it with a leather one put on by a shoe shop.

I live in Venice FL so can show in person if near. 
I think a fair price for these collectible and rare binoculars and case is $250.

I do not do online sales but feel that I would get this or higher on a site.

Thank you. 

Beverly Polk
(859) 421-4424 
Jonathan Sabin,
LGDSO President