Author Topic: Observe the Planets Evening at Robinson Preserve  (Read 559 times)

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Observe the Planets Evening at Robinson Preserve
« on: July 27, 2019, 02:06:34 pm »
LGDSO members and visitors:

I am pleased to announce a special summer event coming up in August before our regular season of monthly Sidewalk Astronomy begins in the fall.

On Saturday, August 10th, starting at 8:00 p.m. and running until 11:00 p.m., the Local Group of Deep Sky Observers, in partnership with the Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources Department, will offer an evening of Observing the Planets at the Robinson Preserve Expansion Area (10299 9th Avenue NW, Bradenton), to take advantage of the fact that the two largest planets in our Solar System will be observable all evening long. (map to observing location:

Like all of our events, this is weather-permitting. Be sure to check the local conditions before heading out... I will try to issue a "go-no-go" statement as early as I can on the day of the event... though as you know, Florida weather can often be tricky to predict!

In addition to Saturn's beautiful ring system, you'll be treated to views of Jupiter's equatorial cloud bands as well as all four of Jupiter's Galilean moons that night: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto that night.

And though a nearly-full moon will interfere with this summer's Perseid Meteor Shower--which reaches its peak just a couple of night's later--chances are you may spot one or two of the brighter meteors from that shower.
Jonathan Sabin,
LGDSO President