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Orion Atlas mount for sale
« on: August 04, 2018, 03:53:30 pm »
Orion Atlas EQ-G German equatorial mount
Great for astrophotography, good for viewing

From the manufacturer:  "The heavy-duty Atlas EQ-G equatorial telescope mount and tripod has ample strength to support up to a 40-lb. equipment load to easily manage all visual or astrophotographic applications
Select from among 42,900 celestial objects to explore using the intuitive menus on the computerized GoTo hand controller
Internal DC stepper motors offer nine slew rates ranging from 2x to 800x sidereal and three tracking rates: sidereal, lunar, and solar
Features a convenient CCD autoguider jack; weighs 54 lbs. without counterweights attached
Includes an illuminated polar-axis scope for easy polar-alignment, 13" dovetail mounting plate, two 11-lb. counterweights, 12-volt DC power cable, RS-232 cable, and more - requires external 12-volt DC power source or AC-to-DC wall adapter (sold separately) for motorized operation"

It has an upgraded 7" mount head (ADM) and will handle vixen or "D" style mounting plates. Stock mount head was much shorter. I will throw in the original mount head.

This mount has been Hypertuned for optimal performance. That boils down to replacing bearings and friction surface, as well as the lubricant inside the mount with superior products. This reduced backlash and increased tracking accuracy. The Dec. bearing was replaced with a SKF taper bearing as well (another move towards even better performance).

A plexiglass eyepiece tray was custom made for this mount. It covers up the original eyepiece tray, and can be removed if you have some 1-1/4 eyepieces. The plex tray only holds 2" eyepieces.

The polar alignment scope has been calibrated for accuracy.

The hand controller has velcro on the back, and there are several black velcro strips on the mount for hanging the controller depending on where you have the scope pointed... there is always a place to hang the controller near by.

The counter weight bar has the optional extender on it for heavier loads. It can be removed for lighter scopes. The weight bar is retractible into the mount.

After doing the polar alignment and the three star alignment procedures, this scope worked flawlessly with a SkyFi wifi module (not included), which allowed me to utilize Sky Safari pro6 on my ipad to operate the mount, which is the latest and greatest tech for stargazing.

It runs smoothly and quietly. There are the normal scuffs and marks from use and transportation, the majority of them are on the legs.

The mount has been kept in a Pelican case from day 1. The case is included in this purchase. The foam inside could look better, but it does an excellent job of protecting this instrument.

Invested in this mount:
mount cost - $1500
hypertune - $250
thrust bearing $30
pelican case - $160
Total - $1940.00
I'm selling for $950.00

The telescope I use is too heavy for this mount, so I got a bigger mount, and don't need this one any more.  It has served me well.