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Thank you for the reply....

Hello Dave Newbie Smith,
   Lots and lots of people love astronomy,  but only a small percentage of them take it to the next level and purchase aTelescope. So you  are now in an Elite group of people who want to discover the cosmos and see it for themselves.
  This hobby requires that you progress your knowledge, you have to learn certain things before you can move on to bigger and better equipment  all the while chasing the wow factor      For a first Telescope, the 4SE is a good choice because the nexstar SE series is fairly easy to learn and those scopes are very accurate   My buddies George and Ron both have 8SE scopes (along with other scopes LOL) and they love them.
  Youre six  amp hour battery is fine, better than using a bunch of D cell batteries, but if you stick with this youíll want a bigger battery, something along 12 or 14 AH.
 This zoom lens is fun, I recommend that you use it to figure out  at what power of magnification you enjoy the most, and purchase an Eyepiece, with a field of view  somewhere around 68 to 82į is preferred.  Eyepieces are brighter than zoom lenses for some reason, and more brightness equals better seeing.
  Once you master the set up and can sleuth to any object you desire, then youíll find out that you want more aperture, to help you see more of these faint distant objects,  if you have trouble getting started post another rip reply asking for help but Iím sure some of us will jump right in Dave!
Hi.... I am a new member. My name is Dave Smith and I have  a couple of questions... I have just purchased a starter telescope off of Cloudy Skies, and I would like to get some opinions on what I have selected...

I bought a 2 yr old Celestron  Telstar 4 SE with a bunch of extras. It comes with a 35mm Eyepiece, Dew Shield, etc.. I have purchased the following for it.....

A Celestron 8-24mm zoom eyepiece..

A TalentCell  Rechargeable 12v, 6000 mah DC  Lithium Battery Pack.

 I did not want to get to deep into this, until I find out if I like it...

Any help or opinions would be appreciated...

You should be fine as the 13.8 will quickly drop the in the 12 zone once you start using the equipment. My 20AH sla battery reads 14+ sometimes right after charging it, but within an hour of use its down to 12.4. Unless you are talking about AC to DC power supply then it should remain at the constant that it is set at. What equipment are you looking to power?

Hello everyone.  I'm looking to get a small bench power supply for my gear that will fit under my tripod. I have found a lot of 13.8Vdc ones that are compact and provide enough amps to power everything but... i read that 13.8Vdc is a little too much for 12Vdc gear.. can someone elaborate if i can use a 13.8 or should i get a variable PS?  Those are a little expensive..

PS: If you have one for sale let me know.


I'm rarely eager to call any event a "GO!" more than a day or so out, but the forecast over the next several days looks as good as I've ever seen for late May!

Our Omega Centauri event (rescheduled from earlier this month because of the weather) will be held this Saturday, May 25th from sunset (shortly after 8 PM) until at least 11.

We'll have Omega Centauri (NGC 5139) reaching its highest point (about 14 degrees above the southern horizon) around 10:30 p.m., but it will be high enough to observe throughout the evening.

Jupiter will rise around 9:30, so it will also be a decent target later in the evening--and since we're approaching opposition early next month, it will be almost as good as it gets.

Hope to see a bunch of you with telescopes out there at the Robinson Preserve Expansion area on Saturday! 10299 9th Avenue NW, Bradenton  <MAP>>>


I'm pleased to announce that tonight's Sidewalk Astronomy at Riverview High School (Sarasota, Florida) is a "GO!"

While the forecast isn't calling for "crystal clear" skies, the conditions do appear to be favorable enough to get in at least some observing throughout the evening.

In addition, the Planetarium theater at the school will be open while we're there, and free shows will be offered with seating available on a first come, first serve basis.

Hope to see you tonight!
As much as it pains me to have to do this, tonight's Omega Centauri Observation event is canceled due to the prediction of thunderstorms throughout the evening.

The accompanying screenshot is the forecast for 9-10 p.m., and we'd be right in the middle of that weather.

Our next scheduled event will be next Saturday, May 11th at Sarasota's Riverview High School. That event is of course, also weather-permitting.
Weather update for tonight's (Saturday, April 13th) Sidewalk Astronomy at Robinson Preserve:

We are a "go!" 😁

Although we're expecting no rain, it's almost certainly not going to be a 'crystal clear' night. 😕

That said, my expectation is for a lot of high--but very thin--clouds throughout the evening, which will allow us to observe most of the brighter objects.

See you out there after sunset!
Thanks for the quick call on cancellation.
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