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Maybe.... maybe not!

Hey all...

As long as there's still the possibility for an unexpected change in the forecast, I'm not anxious to call off tomorrow night's (Saturday, Feb 1) Sidewalk Astronomy at Riverview.

That said, it doesn't look promising!

As of right now, the scenario for tomorrow evening appears to be total overcast until around 8:00 p.m., dropping to 50% cloud coverage by around 10:00.

The real clear skies aren't expected until 11:00 or later.

I'll make the final call as early tomorrow afternoon as I can. It really depends on how 'stable' the current forecast remains.

Equipment for Sale/Trade / Celestron 127 MAK
« Last post by Jonathan Sabin on January 27, 2020, 07:15:14 pm »
Celestron 127 MAK for sale. Only $250!

Barely-used 6" Celestron 127 MAK Computerized Telescope

Accessories include iPhone bracket for photography, eyepieces.

Paid approximately $600 in mid-2019.

Asking only $250.

For more information or questions, please direct all inquiries to:

Mitch Leon
My rough count for Saturday night was 100 over the course of the evening. And 17 scopes all totaled.

All in all, a great show!
Yup! That was a good time last night. How many were in the crowd is there a count yet?

It was fun listening to Dennis teach people what they are looking at.

I thought that was a great event last night at Myakka State Park. Perhaps the best skies ever for an LGDSO event. The combination of the venue and the skies made this a memorable night indeed.
Equipment for Sale/Trade / Re: CRAZY-GOOD DEAL on an 8" SCT!
« Last post by Ed McDonough on January 26, 2020, 03:35:52 pm »
Holy crap that's a great deal. Regular price is $2K.
Equipment for Sale/Trade / CRAZY-GOOD DEAL on an 8" SCT!
« Last post by Jonathan Sabin on January 26, 2020, 12:45:23 pm »

Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT plus accessories

Former LGDSO member Marc Ellis has found himself in a "must move quickly" situation, and is giving up his very lightly used Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT scope, along with a couple of eyepieces and a Celestron Powertank.

Photos are attached, it's all in great shape, and you likely won't find a better price without going into a telescope store wearing a pair of pantyhose on your head!  ;D

Replacement cost for all of this stuff is just about $2000.

First person to bring Marc $500 gets it all!

As always, please contact the seller directly with questions, etc.

Marc M. Ellis
Sue an I really enjoyed it. Great presentation.
Yes!! It was off the wall! Ed and I ended up sitting on the steps. i think it was a well received presentation.

I would say that the Fundamentals of Astrophotography Think and Drink last night at the Bishop Planetarium was a rip roaring success. It was totally sold out and folks were actually turned away. Jim Mack did a masterful presentation supported by the usual suspects - Sean, Dave, Andy H, George and Wolf. The Bishop Planetarium folks were overwhelmed and very pleased at the turnout and the presentation.

It was interesting that in the crowd of 115, only 5 or 6 had telescopes. So it became evident that just the topic piqued enough interest to draw that big of a crowd. Folks came away with a very clear idea of what's needed to get started in this very intricate phase of our beloved hobby. The folks from Johnson Camera in Bradenton were in attendance and Jim gave them a shout out as they are starting to carry some of the needed equipment.

It was a wonderful evening!!!
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