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Thanks for the cancellation notice.  I had everything ready to go and since we have a bit of a drive from Venice, it's appreciated to know not to show up.  Next month will be more into the fall season and hopefully the weather will also be much better.

Scratch the earlier post.

As much as I hate to do it, I have just canceled tonight's Sidewalk Astronomy at G.T. Bray Park.

There are waves of thundershowers passing through the area and radar shows a heavy storm bearing down on the park as I write this.

As active as the atmosphere is right now with both rain (and especially lightning), it not only doesn't bode well for good observing... it's potentially dangerous. And at the very least... unpleasant!

There is no "rain date" for Sidewalk Astronomy. Our next event is scheduled for Saturday, October 28th at the Celery Fields.
Regarding this evening's Sidewalk Astronomy at G.T. Bray Park in West Bradenton...
5801 33rd Ave Dr W, Bradenton (On the field just behind the Coast Guard Auxiliary Building.)

The weather forecast for this evening's event remains... IFFY! (This is the most frustrating type of forecast for us because it MIGHT be okay---and then again---it might not!)

As of 4:00 p.m., there are a lot of scattered showers throughout the state and they're all headed towards the Gulf.  😧

If we're lucky, they'll rain themselves out before they get to West Bradenton and we'll be able to enjoy some clear skies.

Just bear in mind that even if we're able to set up tonight... we'll have to keep a vigil and may end up having to wrap things up on pretty short notice if a rain shower sneaks up on us!
Seeing as I'm headed to a state park outside of Cadiz, Kentucky (population 2,626!) for this event, I may be able to answer your question in a couple of weeks or so!

Clear skies, everyone!   8)
I've been employed in the industry for over 20 years. I remember the Hale Bopp excitement in 1997 topped considerably by the Mars Opposition of 2003. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has come close to what the industry is experiencing for this eclipse. Well, maybe Halley's Comet in 1986 but I'm not sure. I wasn't in the industry then.

Retailers can't keep up with shipments of solar shades. The company I work for went from what we thought was "way too much" to "not nearly enough" inventory in just 2 weeks. One school district alone purchased over 150,000 solar shades. It's been absolutely insane.

I have to wonder if some of the smaller towns in the path of totality will have sufficient infrastructure to handle the pending onslaught of humanity about to come their way. We shall see, it has certainly been exciting!!!
I've got a Coronado PST that I break out occasionally. It's absolutely fascinating looking at the face of the sun.

This thread just gave me the location idea for the 21st eclipse, Robinson. The museum is closed on Mondays so their loss. Robinson would probably love it though.

This is a great deal. The CPC 9.25 "a la carte" without all these goodies retails for $2500.
As a service to our members (and visitors) I am simply passing along the following information.
Any interested parties should contact the seller (Steve Rogers) directly. (contact info is below)

- Jonathan

Celestron CPC 9.25 Complete Astrophotography Package

-  Celestron CPC 925 GPS Telescope
-  Celestron HD Pro Wedge
-  Celestron Heavy Duty Tripod
-  Celestron F/6.3 Reducer - Corrector
-  Orion Awesome Autoguider Refractor Package
-  Moonlight CS 2" Focuser
-  Losmandy dovetails, clamps and counterweight system
-  AstroZap Dewshield
-  12 volt 3A solid state power supply
-  Nylon base bearings replaced with stainless steel
-  Telrad Reflex Sight Finder 

Over a $4,500 value
Asking $2000, OBO

Can deliver within 200 miles of Venice, Fl

Steve Rogers

Here's an image taken by Aedan Stockdale yesterday at Robinson Preserve through the solar telescope. This was through high thin cloud cover and doesn't quite match the clarity through the eyepiece, but you get the idea.
We did a little program this morning up at Robinson Preserve with Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources. We had 2 nice filaments, a sunspot with lots of activity surrounding it, and a very nice prominence at about 11:00 shooting off into space. The highlight though had to be an airplane streaking by!!!

The sun is heading towards solar minimum right now so that was a lot of activity, all things considered. I don't image (way too much work) but Aedan Stockdale took a few shots on his DSLR. They were nice but don't due justice to the view through the eyepiece. I'll see if I can post them after he sends them to me.

The next event is planned for 9/23 also at Robinson Preserve. I call it a day/night doubleheader with our season opening event at GT Bray that same evening.
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