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Here's the WEATHER UPDATE for tonight's Sidewalk Astronomy at Riverview High.

It's a frustrating forecast to say the least. 🤔

I've checked half a dozen sources and there is no consensus. Some are predicting scattered showers ending by the time we're ready to set up; others are calling for rain potentially all evening... and still others are showing clearing skies after about 7 PM.

So for the moment, Sidewalk Astronomy is still a "go," but be aware that there's a possibility that we might have weather issues during the evening that could bring an abrupt end to the observing.

Used eyepiece case (purchased from Orion)


Pickup only in Ellenton, Florida—will *not* ship or deliver (unless it’s to an LGDSO event that we’ll both be at)

Case measures 18” x 13” x 6” (O.D.)

Note that the “pick-and-pluck” foam is already picked and plucked.


Drop me a line at, or call me at 941-518-8695 if interested.
Equipment for Sale/Trade / Big Orion Dob 12" Push to style XTi
« Last post by George B Grimm on April 12, 2018, 06:37:41 pm »
I have been bantering with this seller about a day or so now. While his pictures don't show it, he does have the Computer Intelliscope Hand control. He is about 40 miles north of us just east of Brandon. This is a big scope with the OTA alone at 50lbs.
So its either a jewel or junk but at ($650 minus your best negotiating skills) I think it might be a good buy, especially if you flash cash. Over $1000 new, plus it appears he has a custom case. And eyepieces too.

I do not know this person.  I like to see and try things I buy and this gives you a chance if your looking for a big dob. Look at the mirrors for cracks and missing coatings. And make sure the computer "push to" component works.
Equipment for Sale/Trade / For sale Televue 85 mm refractor.
« Last post by Robert Gulley on April 11, 2018, 02:15:39 pm »
Items include sky tour DCS, rigel view finder, 15 mm plossl eyepiece Televue Gobrator Tripod wiyth scope mount that works with the skytour Asking $2000.  Phone 941 722 8157 Palmetto Fl
Equipment for Sale/Trade / 10 inch Starstruce reflector for sale
« Last post by Robert Gulley on April 11, 2018, 02:08:19 pm »
Go to Click on logo. Click on in-shop. Click on 10 inch F 4.5 servocat retrofit.  This will give several views of scope and specs.  Accessories include 4 televue eyepieces 1 1/2 inch 20 mm plossl and 3 televue type 6  1 1/2 13 mm, 9mm, and 7mm.  2 handpads.  telrad reflex sight. Argo navis DSC.  Verg good optics.  asking $3500.  Phone 941 722 8157.  Palmetto Fl.
Interesting that the placement of the barlow can add 3x if placed before the diagonal. Ya learn something new every day.

Here's a couple more short videos that you might find interesting and helpful:

The first describes the benefits of various types of visual filters:

The second talks about the purpose of a Barlow Lens:

Clear Skies!!!
In my many years of working with those new to telescopes, 2 things come up time and time again.

1. How powerful is it (aka magnification)? Often, in fact most times, "less is more".

2. The finderscope. It can be your best friend if aligned or your worst enemy if not aligned.

I found a couple of short but very helpful videos for those of you out there who have struggled with this:

Magnification -

Finderscope -

Hope this helps!!!

Equipment for Sale/Trade / NIB Mallincam SkyRaider DSC
« Last post by Gary McLean on March 29, 2018, 10:15:33 am »
NIB Mallincam SkyRaider DSC for sell.
Never used. Tested working.
Mallincam SkyRaider DSC - Color USB video camera with Sony 1/2" ICX829 EXview HAD II Ceramic Class 1 CCD Sensor. Support including technical details, updated Mallincamsky software, and ASCOM driver is available on the Mallincam dot net site. There is also a Mallincam Yahoo Users Group.
Includes the 15 foot USB cable, SkyRaider DSC camera, 1.25" C-mount adapter, rubber cap, and software CD. Downloading the latest software is recommended since updates are posted periodically.
Shipping to the 48 States (CONUS) is included in the price.
Here's another good one from PBS called Seeing In The Dark.

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