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Equipment for Sale/Trade / Celestron Nexstar 4SE & Acces.SOLD !!!
« on: December 17, 2019, 12:19:31 PM »
GREAT deal for someone........I am selling my Celestron Nexstar 4SE telescope... This comes complete with all factory equipment including eyepiece and Celestron red dot finder scope, and all paperwork and manual.. I am also including a brand new, never used Celestron Power Tank($60 value) and an Astrozap Dew Shield($52 Value). This outfit is ready to go

I am the 2nd owner of this telescope, however it is like new. I bought it this summer and have only used it once.. I got "aperture fever" and bought a Nexstar 8SE this past month and I do not have a use for two telescopes.. Anyone interested can examine this telescope before purchase..

I am asking $250.00 for the complete outfit or $200.00 for the telescope less the Power Tank.. SOLD !!!

Contact me at if you are interested...

Equipment for Sale/Trade / Bushnell Discoverer Telescope
« on: September 21, 2019, 03:18:15 PM »
I have a like brand new, in the box, Bushnell Discoverer 15X60 X 60mm  Telescope for sale. Also included is a Bushnell Discoverer Telephoto Adapter and a  T- Mount Adapter. This telescope has only been used 3 times and is in perfect condition..  I am asking $100.00 for everything, plus shipping to your zip code.. FTF in the Bradenton area and save shipping...

If interested, please contact me at 


Can anyone tell me where the closet, major Observatory is... I would like to plan a trip and see two or three observatories, but cannot seems to locate any.. Son't want to fly to Hawaii to see one..


Do we know yet if it is a go or a no-go for the Celery Fields tonight...???

Last night I had my first chance to use my Celestron 4SE.. I set the telescope up in my driveway and only had a small area of clear viewing. But that area included Jupiter and Saturn.. I did not set my Go-To up, but rather searched the two manually.. All I can say was WOW, was I impressed with that little 4SE. Using my Celestron 8-24X EP, I could clearly see the bands of Jupiter and Jupiter's four moons. I then switched to Saturn and was further amazed when I could clearly see Saturn's rings and the Cassini Division between the rings.. This was more than I expected from the 4SE.... NOW, I have been bitten by the Aperture Bug and want a bigger scope... I am looking at either the 6SE or the 8SE..  I understand that both of these telescopes use the same tripod and one of my questions is this... Will the tripod that comes with the 8SE  be strong enough to work with the 8SE or will I have to get another tripod...//


I've got most of my equipment and got it put together, so now, where is a good place to go to use it????  Robinson Preserve is not open at night, unless we have something scheduled, and I need to find a place that I can go and set up my telescope.. I live in West Bradenton, and would like a place that is somewhat close...  I just can't come up with any ideas...

HELP !!!!!

Dave Smith

Hi.... I am a new member. My name is Dave Smith and I have  a couple of questions... I have just purchased a starter telescope off of Cloudy Skies, and I would like to get some opinions on what I have selected...

I bought a 2 yr old Celestron  Telstar 4 SE with a bunch of extras. It comes with a 35mm Eyepiece, Dew Shield, etc.. I have purchased the following for it.....

A Celestron 8-24mm zoom eyepiece..

A TalentCell  Rechargeable 12v, 6000 mah DC  Lithium Battery Pack.

 I did not want to get to deep into this, until I find out if I like it...

Any help or opinions would be appreciated...


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